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    Our team at Equine Veterinary Service provides a wide range of medical services for horses from all over Lakeville and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on treating each patient with personalized services and unparalleled treatment.

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  • Oral health is closely related to overall health. At Equine Veterinary Service we offer a range of services to treat your pets’ dental needs. While it is important to properly clean and monitor all your pets’ oral health, horses in particular can use a bit more attention. Since equine teeth never stop growing, dental issues can arise at any time.

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  • The nervous system controls everything that happens in both humans and animals. It controls the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. Equine Veterinary Service takes a holistic approach to identify and address the core issues causing incidental or chronic pain and discomfort.

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  • Equine Veterinary Service’s advanced class 4 laser technology allows Dr. Biggers to treat deep tissue problems your animal may be experiencing. This treatment helps to reduce inflation, diminish pain, and improve tissue healing. It can help soft and hard tissues - like ligaments and muscles - and potentially even bones.

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  • Equine Veterinary Service uses a variety of methods to diagnose your animals. Dr. Biggers knows that no one knows your horses and pets better than you. He takes the time to learn about all the symptoms of your pets and their daily habits to better diagnose them. Please be sure to mention any unusual behavior or recent changes.

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    We LOVE Dr. Biggers. He spends so much time explaining everything that he does. Who doesn't love a vet that comes to you? He understands if you don't know everything (or anything) and is NEVER in a rush. He has helped us so much with our three horses. What I love is how hands on and loving he is. However, he has no problem showing a horse who is boss. I love that he will do anything- from a teeth cleaning, shots, to digging through poop. I could NOT recommend a better vet for your horse family members!

    Vicky Buser Creasy

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