• Class 4 Laser Therapy

  • Contrary to popular belief, a laser is not a beam of light. In fact, a laser is a device that generates a beam of light that radiates energy.

    Equine Veterinary Service’s advanced class 4 laser technology allows Dr. Biggers to treat deep tissue problems your animal may be experiencing. This treatment helps to reduce inflation, diminish pain, and improve tissue healing. It can help soft and hard tissues - like ligaments and muscles - and potentially even bones. Class 4 laser therapy enhances the flow of red blood cells as well as increases the oxygen levels in tissue allowing the body to heal quicker.  It can be combined with other treatments as well.

    For more information on class 4 laser, or to make an appointment for a consultation, call (574) 231-9205 or send an email to info@biggersequinedvm.com. Dr. Biggers is more than happy to explain in detail all the benefits of class 4 laser therapy!