• Diagnostics & Medication

  • Dr. Biggers has 26 years of experience diagnosing horses and other animals. As a licensed veterinarian, he can also prescribe your horses and pets with medications when needed.


    Equine Veterinary Service uses a variety of methods to diagnose your animals. Dr. Biggers knows that no one knows your horses and pets better than you. He takes the time to learn about all the symptoms of your pets and their daily habits to better diagnose them. Please be sure to mention any unusual behavior or recent changes.


    Like humans, when animals aren’t feeling well, sometimes medication needs to be taken. Dr. Biggers will examine your horse or pet and determine if medications can help. It is very important to follow the directions as given. While medication can be life saving, improper implementation may have negative effects.

    Owners have been bringing their horses and other pets to Equine Veterinary Service from Lakeville, Lapaz, Wyatt, South Bend, Bremen, North Liberty, Tyner, and surrounds areas to get the best care around. Call (574) 231-9205 or send an email to info@biggersequinedvm.com to schedule an appointment for your horse or other pet.