• Equine Dental Care

  • Oral health is closely related to overall health. At Equine Veterinary Service we offer a range of services to treat your pets’ dental needs.

    While it is important to properly clean and monitor all your pets’ oral health, horses in particular can use a bit more attention. Since equine teeth never stop growing, dental issues can arise at any time. We have seen many dental issues in horses, and other animals, from Lakeville, Lapaz, Wyatt, South Bend, Bremen, North Liberty, Tyner, and neighboring communities. When your horse or pet has issues like uneven wear or cysts, he or she might not be intaking enough nutrients to grow and be healthy. It is important for an animal’s overall health to have regular dental check up done by a veterinarian.

    If your horse or pet is due for a checkup, or needs other dental services, give us a call at (574) 231-9205 or email us at info@biggersequinedvm.com to see if we can accommodate.