• Reproductive Services

  • At Equine Veterinary Service we have taken care of many reproductive issues concerning horses. Dr. Biggers’s extensive training in theriogenology - which is the veterinary study of reproduction - gives him the ability to address many different aspects of equine reproduction. Be it ultrasounds, embryo transfers, artificial insemination, or problems mares, we have you covered.


    We have a great ultrasound system that can take a deeper look at what is going on with your horse. Ultrasounds can be useful to track a pregnancy and notice potential issues before birth.

    Besides neonatal concerns, ultrasounds can be used for a variety of other issues. If lumps or bumps have sprung up on your horse, we can use our advanced technology to get a closer look. Ultrasound technology can also be used on legs for tendons, ligaments, and even joint issues.

    Embryo transfer

    To properly transfer an embryo, the right precautions need to be taken to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. It is very important to choose the donor and recipient mares wisely. Dr. Biggers can go over what you should be looking for and exactly how he can help in the embryo transfer process to deliver the desired outcome.

    Artificial Insemination

    Artificial insemination can be a very tricky process. There are a series of factors that need to be taken into account. Some things that require special attention and planning include:

    Location of breeding

    Stallion choice

    Mare choice

    Breeding location

    Horse preparation

    Preventing bacterial intrusion

    Stress reduction


    Dr. Biggers can discuss these, and other factors, with you to create a plan to most efficiently artificially inseminate your mare.

    Problem mares

    If your mare is failing to conceive, unable to maintain a pregnancy, or having irregular reproductive behavior, Equine Veterinary Service may be able to help. Let Dr. Biggers work hand and hand with you to identify why your mare is subfertile and the best way to manage her fertility.

    We cater to your horse’s needs. With 26 years of experience caring for horses, Dr. Biggers has the know-how to take great care of your horse. Give us a call at (574) 231-9205 to go over the reproductive issues your horse is experiencing to see if we can help.